AP2 - Biogas upgrading and grid injection

Efficient application of innovative Austrian technology

The upgrading plant processes 180m³ of raw biogas per hour and cleans it up to natural gas quality applying the newest technology. Several process steps are necessary to clean the biogas from sulphur and ammonia and to dry the gas. Subsequently, the separation of the unwanted carbon dioxide is done.

The key technology in this step is the so-called Gaspermeation, a membrane separation technique using semi-permeable membranes which selectively remove carbon dioxide from methane. This internationally remarked process reaches a methane content in the product gas of more than 99%.

Beginning in the summer 2007 each year up to 800.000m³ of biogas are supplied to the public natural gas grid. With this amount gas-propelled vehicles cover a distance of 10 million kilometres per year. A saving of 1.500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year contributes to our environment.

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