Pilot project "Virtual Biogas"

In a pilot plant situated near Bruck an der Leitha, biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and injected into the local natural gas grid since 2007. This project shows that the upgrading of biogas to natural gas quality is technically feasible, energetic efficient, and therefore, economically reasonable.
In this unique project a broadly assembled project consortium of 11 project partners analyses and optimises the whole value-added chain of biogas utilisation - the raw material production, the biogas production and upgrading to natural gas quality and finally the utilisation as a fuel. The target is to guide an innovative technology to a final breakthrough as well as to further enhance the environmental sustainability of natural gas as a vehicle fuel by the admixture of locally produced biogas. Using natural gas and biogas as vehicle fuels significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxide and respirable dust.

The fundamental targets of the project "Virtual Biogas" are:
  • The production of biogas using renewable resources without compromising the production of food.
  • The upgrading of biogas to natural gas quality applying a novel, Austrian technology (membrane technology).
  • Natural-gas vehicles show less impact on the environment compared to conventional ones and due to the aspired fuel consumption reduction of 40% a further reduction of the operating costs and a significant enhancement of the vehicle range is possible.